Comprehensive building automation controls with Desigo™

The most flexible and scalable plant automation

Desigo offers outstanding scalability and consistent system openness with a wide range of freely programmable automation stations for primary plants. The modular concept makes Desigo automation stations the perfect match for projects of any size. With comprehensive management and system tasks, optimized application libraries and energy-saving functions, Desigo satisfies all your building automation and control needs, both today and in the future. 

Desigo PX compact controller

Desigo PX compact controllers

Freely programmable compact controllers for HVAC and building services are the perfect match for small to medium size plants

Desig PX modular controllers

Desigo PX modular controllers

High performance, freely programmable modular automation controllers provide maximum scalability and ensure reliable operation.

Desigo TX-I/O modules

TX-I/O modules for signaling, measuring, metering, switching and positioning can be seamlessly connected to controllers for ultimate flexibility

Desigo PX Open and TX Open

Desigo PX Open and TX Open

Scalable and simple integration of third-party devices with Desigo PX Open and TX Open ensures the highest degree of openess

Desigo Operation and monitoring

A variety of intuitive and user-friendly operating and monitoring units plus web solutions offer accessibility to the Desigo system at all levels, on site or from remote locations

Desigo Tools and applications

User-friendly tolls and a wide range of proven applications are designed for easy engineering, planning, configuration and commissiioning

Desigo PX controllers

Automation controls for an easy integration and flexible extensions

The flexible, scalable and open controllers satisfy all building and application needs. They can be easily adapted to future changes and offer the highest reliability, thus ensuring maximum value.

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