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Remote Service & IoT Platform, machines monitoring, alarms, notifications & custom reports. Easily boost productivity and add value to your service with your machine cloud portal with IXON!

IXON was founded in 2014 to make cloud connection easier, secure and more accessible for machine builders and users. Headquartered in the Netherlands, IXON is now one of the most valued and easy-to-use Remote Service & IIoT platforms for machine builders and system integrators.

In 2020, JMartans Automation has started a collaboration with IXON using their devices in some of their projects. The same year, the two companies have officialized their relationship.

JMartans is now the proud partner of IXON for Malta

Remote Service & IoT platform
IXON offers an end-to-end industrial service solution with remote access, data logging, dashboards, alarming and much more. The IXON product portfolio consists of the IXON Cloud platform and the IXrouter, an industrial VPN router and data gateway, which is specifically designed to connect machines securely and minimize the risk of data leaks.

Active in over 100 countries, they serve tens of thousands of users worldwide. IXON delivers the technology, so machine manufacturers can do what they do best: collaborate with clients, provide service, and share insights.

World’s first no-code IIoT platform

IXON Cloud is ready for immediate use and suits every machine builder. With its extensive features, IXON offers a complete, proven and secure solution for remote service and IoT.

Discover all the possibilities of IXON Cloud and find out what IXON Cloud can do for your organization. Resolve machine issues faster, offer targeted remote service to your customers, optimise your machines and controls (PLC, HMI, robots) and grow your business.

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