JMartans is a boat automation provider, with skilled engineers that will assist you in evaluating each of your equipment and controls needed for the desired performance. Whether you need a full ship control system or a yacht HVAC system, JMartans can outfit your boat to your specifications.

The truly integrated yacht isĀ one that provides the captain with immediate access to all the critical information needed for the operation of the vessel.

From initial design engineering and consultation through system development, commissioning and support, JMartans will provide you with innovative control and automation solutions to keep your system running 24/7.

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Electrical and Cabling installation
Control cabinets and distribution boards
PLC programming
SCADA/HMI systems
HVAC control
Lighting control
Engine control
System integration with third party devices
Individual room control
Machine monitoring
Pumping liquids Control of valves, measurement of fill levels and the flow rate, monitoring of taks for leaks
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • QualitY
  • Safety

Ships require solutions to complex automation tasks, depending on the application type and required features: this includes engine room monitoring, pumping of various liquids, lighting, HVAC control, individual room control on passenger ships, as well as loading and unloading of cargo using cranes on freighters. The challenge is to facilitate these different automation tasks with the smallest possible number of different control systems.

Thanks to its high performance, open interfaces and the fact that it is based on open communication standards, the PC-based automation platform from Beckhoff is ideally suited for integrated control in there applications. In addition to the PLC, it integrates visualization, measurements technology, engine monitoring and condition monitoring, and can be used for central or local control.

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