Specialized in mechanical design and engineering custom solutions, JMartans Engineering is your go-to partner for your most complex projects.

We develop automated assembly and processing machines; we can integrate packing and material handling/manipulating solutions and build complete inspection testing stations.

An extensive hands-on experience in mechanical motion and detailed automated machines design, allows us to deliver robust, reliable and top-notch quality systems.

Improve your existing process!

Thanks to our qualified engineering team paired with the cutting-edge technology we use for our projects, you can improve your existing processes in terms of efficiency, quality and waste reduction.

Our design will cater for operator ergonomics, thus reducing fatigue, minimizing the risk of accidents and eliminating unscheduled down-time. By providing operators with comfortable, stimulating work environment, manufacturers have the advantage of maximizing production quality.

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Our Services

CAD design for new projects
Project Management
Automated material handling
Mechanical motion
Conceptual design
  • Energy-efficient
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Style

5-Step process for you automated machine

  1. Opportunity evaluation: Definition of customer’s needs and goal. We evaluate projects in every industry and application!
  2. Conceptual design: after gathering all the necessary information and a throughout feasibility analysis, our mechanical engineering team drafts a machine concept, including projects proposal, machine pricing and delivery timeline
  3. Approval and project launch: After receiving approval from the customer, a kick-off meeting is held with the lead engineer and the customer to ensure that all the fine details are understood before the project moves into the design phase.
  4. Production: Our custom machines are finally designed, built and programmed in-house!
  5. Factory Acceptance Test: to ensure optimal performance, our machines undergo rigours testing before they are released. We conduct comprehensive acceptance testing at our factory and at our client’s facility.

After sales service – 24/7 support

We take good care of our customers and we do not leave you alone once the project is finished and delivered.

Specific technical assistance contracts can guarantee our client a “first-aid” support to solve any breakdown or fault in your systems as swiftly as possible. We stipulate precise contracts with our clients that define the coverage and times of our intervention, with the extra benefit of even more favourable rates.

If you are not ready to “tied the knot” with a contract, our service division is still available for you 24/7 to offer fault-finding and troubleshooting on electrical and mechanical applications.

Trusted partners

“No man is an island entire on itself” and the same applies for any organization.

Our wide network of reliable suppliers is an important factor in the delivery of high-quality solutions.

For the provision of pneumatic components, as for example solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinder and mechanical valves, we are proud to represent Waircom, which is a market leader in the manufacture of pneumatic components for industrial automation.

Other widely-know manufacturers have trusted us to represent their name in the Maltese islands, like Pilz, Beckhoff and Ixon.

Long lasting relationships

Our company culture is based on the motto “do the right thing and do things right”.

This tactical and strategic thinking allows us to take the appropriate steps to stay true to our quality policy. We are committed to providing customers with products and services of the highest possible level of quality, consistent with the purpose and core values of our organization.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the base of our high-level customer retention.

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JMartans is always on the forefront of implementing cutting-edge solutions in the local residential market.  Our engineers have worked alongside the top interior designers bringing our customers sleek and functional solutions matching customer preferences. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your specific enquiry today.


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