Low-voltage electrical devices

JMartans is a global distributor of low-voltage electrical devices and components for manufacturing industries and residences.

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Installation contactor

Installation Devices

The “installation devices” groups the final distribution board components, including: Miniature Circuit Breakers, Residual current circuit breakers, Isolators, Energy meters, Surge Protection Devices, Installation Relays and time relays, all of them equipped with multitude of accessories for satisfying all the needs of any household application.

Plastic enclosure

Consumer Units

JMartans offers a wide variety of products for installing and wiring the electrical devices. The plastic enclosures offer many variants for indoor, outdoor flush and surface mounting. Metal enclosures provide a robust solution for commercial and the most demanding applcations. Fiberglass devices guarantees the best performance for heavy duty applications, with a big set of accessories for ensuring all the required installation characteristics

Air Circuit Breaker

Air Circuit Breakers

The Air Circuit Breaker series provide full control and advance monitoring functionalities for the most demanding applications. Thanks to the Smart Unit SU and its variants all the monitoring and smart control functionalities are satisfied. Ex9A series provides easy maintenance with the withdrawable version, or a compact format for limited space applications on the Ex9A Fixed variant.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Moulded case Circuit Breakers

These MCCBs series guarantees all the protective features required for industrial and commercial applications for AC and DC currents. The division in frame sizes from Ex9M1 up to Ex9M6 provides multitude of combinations and possibilities regarding mounting space, current selection and breaking capacities. Extra functionalities can be provided thanks to the big set of accessories compatible with this series. Ex9MSD/Ex9MDSD switch disconnector series ensures a safe isolation and disconnection of the power distribution systems.

JMartans proudly partner with Noark for the provision of electrical low-voltage components.

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