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CNC (Computer numerical control) systems are computer-controlled machine tool used in the manufacturing industry.

CNC machineries are used in all those sectors that require the highest accuracy in part construction, including medical, aerospace and electronics. Thanks to its ability to create parts out of multiple types of materials beyond metal, wood and glass, CNC processes are a preferred option for those sectors that require customized components.

JMartans provides support on flexible CNC machines and CNC router machines for small, medium and high capacity facilities. You can count on us for machine upgrade, fault finding and troubleshooting, emergency repairs, machine relocation, machine overhaul and upgrade. We can also supply a wide range of spare parts.

At JMartans we also offer a full upgrade service for your CNC machine.

We are excited to partner with Cybelec and CNI to bring exceptionally engineered CNC machines, tooling and related products to the Maltese islands.

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]During our intervention in CNC machines, we generally encounter the same kind of problems, that is due mainly to lack of maintenance and overheating. In fact, much like any machine, CNC machines are prone to overheating especially during the hot summer days that we experience in the island.

The recommended average temperature for a CNC machine is 25°C. No doubt the high temperature affects the CNC machine performance and working. So it is important to ensure a proper maintenance to minimize the risk of overheating. For example, if your machine is clogged with dust, dirt or any type of debris the filters become clogged.

A clogged filter will cause overheating and increase the temperature inside the machine, which could lead to even bigger repairs. Once the machine overheats, we follow a simple but effective procedure: we shut the machine down and allow it to cool down. We then remove filter and clean it or replace it – depending of its status. It’s also important to remove any debris that are left behind.

Here at JMartans we can help you perform regular maintenance to reduce the risk of overheating. Alternatively, we can build a Air Conditioned Enclosure for your CNC machines, so you’re your CNC control will not get hot.[/ezcol_1half_end]

Machining of custom-parts

Thanks to our machine shop, we are now equipped to manufacture custom-made parts for our customers.

Our 3-axis CNC milling accommodates a variety of materials, including brass, aluminum alloys, mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and plastics (acetal, nylon, PTFE). This makes it easy for clients to choose a material that suits their exact needs. This material flexibility benefits a number of industries, including, but not limited to Aerospace and aircraft, Automotive, Commercial, Electronics, Industrial and OEM, Medical, Transportation, and Food and Beverage.

The CNC milling process starts with a CAD model design.  Our engineers create a 3D design of the desired part mirroring customer’s need. Alternatively, the customer can provide the design and we manufacture from their file.

The CAD model is then converted into a CNC program, where the design is exported into a compatible file format and converted into machine instructions using CAM software.

At manufacturing stage, the machine operator prepares CNC milling machine setup and workpiece.

Finally, the operator executes the milling operation and initiates the machining program.

Contact the skilled team at JMartans Automation for all your repair and upgrade on a CNC!