Planetarium in Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Ventilation and Air conditioning
Scope of activity:
Avoid condensation to form in the ceiling
August - September 2016
Type of building:
Supply and Installation of:
Field equipment (BMS controller, sensors, valves, control panels)
Design, construction, commissioning and maintenance
End user training and documentation:
System Integrators:
JMartans Automation Ltd

[ezcol_1half]With its stunning 10.7mt in diameter structure, the Planetarium is one of the most popular attractions of the Esplora Interactive Science Centre. The jaw-dropping metallic sphere is suspended inside the shell of the old Auxiliary hospital building on the Grand Harbour and it hosts entertaining and educational shows for adults and children. Such unique architectonics requires dedicated maintenance and careful planning in all its aspects. Whilst the contractors did an outstanding job to conceive, design and build the Planetarium they asked JMartans to step in to tackle humidity and ventilation issues. We were really honored to put at service our skills and expertise in building environment control systems [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end] for this important project. The issue to tackle was the formation of condensation in the ceiling. The air-conditioning system was designed to let the air into the Planetarium through fine holes in the aluminum ceiling screen. However, this had the downfall to favor condensation to form. It was crucial that the cool air did not condensate on aluminum ceiling and drip over the visitors while enjoying the show. To avoid this annoying and wet problem, our engineering team installed a condensation sensor to control the cooling power of the air-conditioning system. Doing so we ensured that the condensation would not form. For more information about how to install a humidity control system or an industrial HVAC system, get in touch.


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Picture Courtesy Esplora, Times of Malta, ECsite