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Are you looking to revolutionize your manufacturing process with cutting-edge automation technology? Look no further than JMartans, your trusted system integration partner and authorized representative for Beckhoff XTS Linear Product Transport systems. With our unmatched expertise, we provide end-to-end solutions for supply, installation, and ongoing support of this groundbreaking technology.

About Beckhoff XTS Linear Product Transport

Discover the future of motion control and material handling with Beckhoff XTS Linear Product Transport. This innovative system offers seamless, high-speed, and flexible movement of products along a track, providing precision and efficiency like never before. With modular components and advanced software control, XTS technology is transforming industries worldwide.

AT2xxx, ATH2xxx | XTS Motor modules
AT2xxx, ATH2xxx | XTS Motor modules
AT8x00, ATH9xxx | XTS guide rails & movers
AT8x00, ATH9xxx | XTS guide rails & movers
XTS Software
XTS starter kits

With the XTS linear transport system, Beckhoff offers a proven drive solution in which magnetically driven movers move along a travel path of fully integrated motor modules. An Industrial PC with the TwinCAT automation software enables the independent control of the movers with individual motion profiles. This results in many system-related benefits: The transport system is ready for operation immediately after assembly, as power electronics and displacement measurement are included in the XTS motor modules and the movers are completely passive. Due to different geometries of the motor modules, both an open and a closed travel path can be created and the machine footprint can be reduced by individual track layouts. The XTS not only replaces conventional conveyor belts, but also enables an innovative design of the entire machine. With the flexible motion profiles, simple to highly complex processes can be realized and the entire manufacturing process can thus be optimized.

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