Tackling the system connectivity conundrum

Communication is key to our daily lives, but it’s even more important that industrial automation systems communicate effectively through a plant. With the ever-increasing number of systems working in tandem, it’s crucial that they all communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. Here, we explain the importance of connecting your automation systems together and the benefits of using a system integrator.

With automation technology constantly developing, it offers more opportunities for the industrial world to harness the power of automation. In the last twenty years, we’ve seen this in the substantial growth in adoption of automated systems. In fact, a survey from Bsquare found that 86 per cent of industrial businesses are adopting industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies.

Connectivity and communication are the backbone of the IIoT. So, if your systems don’t work together properly or are incompatible, it can create a lot more work for you and your team in the long run.

Industrial connectivity is vital for an operation to thrive seamlessly. However, there are many different industrial communication protocols and standards, with equipment manufacturers typically using specific protocols for their systems. This poses a connectivity conundrum for plant managers that invest in systems from multiple providers: how do you ensure everything works together?

Often, the answer to ensuring successful industrial connectivity is to work with an automation systems integrator like JMartans Automation that is experienced in the supply, installation and programming of industrial control systems. By finetuning your equipment to sync with each other and ensuring that only compatible systems are installed, plant managers can make the most of their systems.

Other benefits of integrating your devices include improved quality for your automation system, optimised resource management and innovation from the cross-industry experience you gain from working with a specialist that can bring its expertise to your business and setup.

For example, at JMartans Automation, we supply automation equipment from numerous brands including Pilz, Beckhoff and Siemens. With projects delivered in Malta and across Europe, the team of systems integrators understand the complexity of modern industrial plants and how to ensure a project runs smoothly.

With an ever-growing number of devices and systems in industrial plants, managers and engineers must make sure that systems are all speaking the same language.

If you are a Maltese business and want to make sure that your systems are communicating effectively, contact the JMartans team by calling (+356) 214 20655 or email info@jmartans.com.