Your IoT Building

An IoT building puts commercial building automation in the palm of your handInnovation is the driver of progress in building automation, that’s why we believe in the idea of the IoT building. Whether its a hotel, university, school, nursing home, museum, private or commercial building, JMartans can make more of it.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, we can offer you a full range of systems to control and monitor the performance of your premise, making it a smart building. All building functions can be linked, programmed and controlled automatically via intelligent sensors, manually at the control units inside the rooms, or centrally via a smartphone or tablet.

The advantage of the “intelligent” systems and equipment is that they offer property managers and building owners effective tools to keep their building at peak performance. Reduce the need for onsite visits and the associated costs of time and travel, and improve your responsiveness to service calls.

You can choose between wired IP or WiFi systems, or combine both on a single controller. We tailor your implementation to the available IT infrastructure and building layout. Behind each and every one of our solutions is the idea of using energy when it’s absolutely necessary. Whether for regulating the heating and room temperature or switching on and dimming the light. This is how we contribute towards energy efficiency and sustainable savings in energy use.


Smart building

Heating, ventilation and room climate control. Lighting and shading. Alarm, safety and information systems. This is the future and it is exciting to think that we can be part of it right now. Get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to show you more commercial building automation, how to upgrade your home and explain what Automation can do for you and your business.