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JMartans Automation is a family run company whose vision is not only limited to meet its client’s expectations but also to exceed these expectations in a manner that delivers value and that sustains a long-term relationship with all customers.

JMartans was set up in 2005 by Jonathan and Marilyn Grech under the name of Advanced Automation & Controls Ltd. Its activities which originally concentrated mostly on industrial automation were expanded to cover home, building and marine automation. For this reason, the company name was changed to JMartans Automation.
Working closely with process experts, equipment suppliers and company engineers, we have the expertise and the experience to handle projects of various nature and extent, from small businesses to sizeable companies and large players in the manufacturing and production industry.
JMartans is a flexible company that is able to look into the unique requirements of the client and perform the related work linked to the particular assignment. Whether it is Industrial Automation, Building Management Systems (BMS), Home Automation or Marine Automation, our company is able to integrate various systems according to customer needs with any component the customer might request.

Our commitment finds its roots in four principle values which are customer focus, targeting solutions, integrity and responsibility. Together, these four distinct values shape our company’s way of doing business.

Customer focus – we as a team are committed to a genuine and successful customer relationship, ready to go an extra mile to ensure a high quality job, a great service and moreover, client satisfaction.

Targeting solutions – that provide the flexibility for customers to benefit from our vast array of optional features.

Integrity – every team player is significant for the success of the business. Our staff is guided by clear principles of excellence and hold very high ethics and integrity standards.

Responsibility - both to our clients who trust us with their projects and also towards the environment we operate in. We believe that it is our duty to avoid compromising future generations’ ability to sustain their needs. Our responsibility is therefore also extended to the environment.


Companies and private individuals that have worked with JMartans had their say on our products and services.
We try to make our clients happy with what our company has to offer!


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JMartans Automation Ltd., Ivy, Flat 1, Salvu Barbara Street, Mosta, Malta

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